KOHEESIV is so much more than an online store. It has become more than evident that online shopping is the future, but you can never replace a live person that you feel understands you and helps you feel confident by bringing out your personality with your outward appearance. You CANNOT replace that connection of a person, with a computer screen. We hope to combine the two, and give you the convenience of online shopping, along with our years of knowledge, to still make it a special experience. We want to provide good quality, with a good price, and show you how to make our pieces work for you and your lifestyle. That is why each product features three different ways to wear it, showing you how to complete the outfit and show it's versatility. 
We are both learning and KOHEESIV will continue to evolve, as we see what works, what the needs of our customer are, as well as the ever changing market. Thanks for supporting us and helping us bring this vision to life! 
X0-Kalissa & Britt

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