• 90's Blue Super Soft Skinny
  • 90's Blue Super Soft Skinny
  • 90's Blue Super Soft Skinny
  • 90's Blue Super Soft Skinny
  • 90's Blue Super Soft Skinny
  • 90's Blue Super Soft Skinny

90's Blue Super Soft Skinny

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These are just what they say they are, and yes, they are back! The blue is definitely more bright than you are used to, but they were love at first site, and we were head over heels after the first feel up! Imagine an old school Levi's jean fabric, but with a ton of stretch and silky soft. That is as far as the 90's go, because everything else about this jean is 2018. The ankle distressing being the first and one of the favorite features, it has a raw edge, with some fraying. You can't miss the knee holes, but one of the things the pictures can't show is the perfect fit of this skinny. The first thing out of the mouth of anyone that tries this on is how soft and comfortable they are, so this is not your men's, crotchy, poor fitting 90's jean, this is the modern skinny with an amazing old school fabric. The high-rise is here to stay for a while ladies, so enjoy having everything nice and tucked in, because we love them. This is climbing the top as one of our seasons faves! 
S I Z I N G  &  F I T
Because of the stretch, we recommend going down a size. 
Model is wearing a size 24
This is a great style for Apples, Hourglass, and Rectangles. Apples, the high-rise will hold in your tummy and focus on your great legs. Rectangles, you want to have a top that will tie at the waist or create some shape on top, like some ruffles. Hourglasses, this jean gets tricky if you are hippy, I recommend pairing it back to a high-low top, or something a little blousy. So Pears, I'm not saying no, just make sure you are wearing a top that falls a little longer, the color is not necessarily the most forgiving on the hip are. 
As I have mentioned before, I am a big believer that most people can wear almost any style, it is just about pairing it with the right thing to create shape and balance. If you ever want to try out a style but don't think you can pull it off, reach out to us and we can give you a version that will be the most flattering for your body type! 
 93% Cotton
5% Polyester
2% Spandex

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